Ariane Marandon


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I am a postdoc researcher at the Turing Institute in London, UK. I am working as part of the Turing-Roche partnership on conformal prediction. Previously, I did my PhD at Sorbonne Université (LPSM unit), under the supervision of Etienne Roquain, Tabea Rebafka and Nataliya Sokolovska.

Research interests: machine learning, multiple testing, graphs, conformal inference


False membership rate control in mixture models. Ariane Marandon, Tabea Rebafka, Etienne Roquain and Nataliya Sokolovska. preprint.

Adaptive novelty detection with false discovery rate guarantee. Ariane Marandon, Lihua Lei, David Mary and Etienne Roquain. preprint. To appear in Annals of Statistics.

Conformal link prediction with false discovery rate control. Ariane Marandon. preprint.





Contact me at amarandon-carlhian at turing dot ac dot uk